21 Aug Self Renewal

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I have been recently un-hired.  Yes I was shocked and hurt & disrupted.  Eventually we get to the point of turning things into a positive, while taking full responsibility.  No more couda wouda shuda... or depression just get up and take and action go! go! go!


Here is the funny thing, when I was un-hired I never for a moment felt I lost a career.  I always felt that was a filler job.  My goals were to work with project management, marketing, something to keep my mind alive!

 Within this more alive and imagined version of myself I have always imagined more connection and skilled service to community.  I would be so bold as to imagine myself a renaissance man in my own right.  For this to happen I have to imagine myself as I have never been, and take actions on the regular basis that I have never taken.  With more imagination than budget and less than laser focus I must use my mind to create this new reality.


Here is the rub…I believe in meditation and visioning but not prayer.  I can respect those that do believe in prayer, but suspect my life will reflect what Fredrick Douglass said “I did not become free until I prayed with my feet” If prayers actually do lead to well being I’ve got that covered with my lottery tickets.  I am convinced that my action will lead to my economic emancipation. 


Soon I will unveil to the world the results of my focus


My higher self will have its revenge!  Here I want to jokingly insert a sinister laugh!!


I would love to meet up with others of no particular religious faith, that enjoy mixing meditation with motivation in group settings. 


Perhaps there is a group you could recommend for me in the Los Angeles area. 



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