Black-owned Business Directory

The iZania Black Business Directory is a categorized list of Black-owned businesses.

Qualifying Businesses
To qualify to be listed in the directory, a business must be Black-owned. We define a Black-owned business as a business which is at least 50% owned by an individual or individuals of African descent.

You may also list your business if you are an independent business owner, independent agent, franchise owner, or entrepreneur licensed to distribute products and/or services of another trademark. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Insurance Agent
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Avon™ Sales Representative
  • Subway™ Franchise Owner
  • Quixtar™ Independent Business Owner

Businesses of this type should be identified by Business Name, followed by Representative (or representative designation), as follows:

  • <Business Name> - <Representative>
  • Warm Spirit - Jane Doe
  • Warm Spirit - Independent Consultant

Listings That Do Not Qualify

  • Our primary focus is on businesses. We are not a web directory. Therefore, blogs and personal websites are not included. We look for evidence of an attempt to do a business transaction (either online or offline) and a related product or service being offered. (As an alternative, iZania Members can add a link to their website from their iZania Profile.)
  • Businesses providing products and services that are adult in nature or otherwise inappropriate for minors (individuals under 18 years of age) may not be listed in the directory.

The following exceptions also qualify to be listed in the directory:

  • Organizations and Churches – Non-profit organizations, churches, and ministries that serve the Black community may be included in the Organizations & Churches category.
By submitting a listing to iZania’s Black Business Directory, you confirm that the listing is a qualifying business and you agree to these terms and conditions.