13 Mar "The Right To Live Law"

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                                                                "The Right To Live Law"

After another senseless murder of an infant in Chicago, I am once again proposing a solution (http://www.BlackStart.org).  The Solutions is a "Right To Live Law" that allows any community to place an initiative on their community, city, county or state ballet, which creates a zone free or (dry) of lethal bullets and it provides a free Non Lethal Bullets for Lethal Bullet Exchange paid for by a $1.00 property tax and a $0.02 Sales Tax. Anyone charged and convicted of owning lethal bullets gets mandatory jail time and those who use lethal bullets get charged with attempted murder or murder and a felony of possession and use of lethal bullets. When Enough Is Enough, Communities will take action. Start the petition drive now!


Charles E. Campbell 
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