Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
They say for 3 out of 10, Monday morning's are fantastic! Hard, down right difficult might be the sentiment for the remainder. It wasn't always this way. There was a time when love surrounded the work. Today far too many are longing for recognition, responsibilities, reward, and wonderfulness between the hours of 6 and 6 and that presents a problem. This week I promised to look at the Coach of the team we created last week. As usual, the twist lies in where we look. Shall we?

Most often the work of a Coach is from an external position. Normally the Coach brings to bear their knowledge of business, how things work and attempt to help you set some goals. Mechanical - but coaching cannot be mechanical. The better coaches tend to have a solid grasp of relevant psychological- based tools and coaching techniques that determine such things as what motivates people, their personal values, and perhaps their foremost fears. Most coaches - that elicit results - are identified or referred to by how much they care about their subject.

I then pose the question, who cares or should care about you most? Thoughtful analysis of your situation, should reveal that no individual can determine your motivation, values and fears better than you. No one. I'm not suggesting we do away with Coaches - they (we - I) play a valuable role. If honest with yourself, you are your best coach. Not a reader of this email can argue that fact. Whether you've been your best coach and subscribed to great advice from resources such as this is another issue.

The thought that Potential - Interference = Performance is the solution. This equation says let's focus on what we came to do, minimizing the distractions and we will achieve a greater performance. At the end of the day, we only have our performance as a reference point. Focus on the results so that you are not forced to fabricate your accomplishments. To yearn for recognition is real, but egos are hungry ambassadors of interference. The formula reverses the myopic position so many are in. It's Monday - with self love - let's keep it moving!

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